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Success Stories

$15,000 in Debt Reduced to $640

“I just want to write this as a thank you for helping me with my tax problem. When I received the letter from the IRS saying that I owed $15,000.00 in back tax, I was terrified of what could have happened had I not addressed it.So I contacted the IRS office trying to get this matter situated by sending them all types of documents that they requested to make arrangements.

Unfortunately, nothing seemed to go anywhere. I was browsing the internet to see if someone out there could provide help with how to deal with my particular IRS problem.After searching and searching, I came across Accelerated Tax Solutions and gave them a call right away.

I explained my tax situation and after hearing what they could do for me, I felt relieved. I decided to have ATS take care of my tax situation and once I provided ATS with some information, they took care of the rest.ATS representatives were very knowledgeable and answered all the questions I needed answers to immediately. ATS was able to settle my tax problem for a total of $640 with the IRS.

Thank you for resolving my case and I would definitely encourage others with IRS issues to contact Accelerated Tax Solutions.

Thank you ATS!

Tom S.

A National Company with a Simple Solution

“I just wanted to write this to thank you for helping me get my tax situation straightened out. I have been divorced since 2002 and with everything that is involved in that and with getting in over my head with being the only income I had not filed my taxes for several years both state and federal.

I was going through my email one day and came across an email from ATS and decided that I needed to get things taken care of before the IRS did it for me.

I filled out their very simple free consultation and within hours was contacted by someone. I was a little reluctant to conduct business with a company that was out of state especially since I would be sharing personal information with them, but after checking online for any complaints about the company which I found none, I decided to have them try to get my finances current with the IRS.

Your company has been very professional, affordable (very important) when you are a single parent and so far everything has been working out very well. Once you provide them with some information they pretty much take care of the rest. I would encourage anyone with outstanding IRS issues to get it taken care of immediately and if you need someone to help with that, I urge you to contact Accelerated Tax Solutions!

Mary, New Jersey

Patience & Empathy Shown

“Thank you for all your help. We probably would have went to another tax service provider if not for your patience and empathy. You guys are truly an asset.

Teresa M.

The Person is More Important than the Money

“I am very thankful for A.T.S. For helping with my tax burden.It was a big relief for me.I will recommend A.T.S. to anyone A.T.S. Is more concerned for the person as to the money. Thanks A.T.S

Gerald C. Weatherford Tx.

Do Not Take on The IRS Alone

“IRS stepped up the pressure and wanted to take everything away from me. I really did not know who to turn to.

ATS Inc. represented me with the IRS and got a handle on my outstanding balance owed. They stopped the harassing letters and made a timely settlement I could live with. ATS Inc. was highly professional and I would recommend this company to anyone having IRS problems.

I learned a lesson from ATS, you cannot take on the IRS along.

Michael A.

Unsurpassed Customer Service

“My experience with Accelerated Tax Solutions has been unsurpassed from the moment I completed their contact form. My team has been VERY professional and met all deadlines.

As a small business owner the one thing I value most is exemplary customer service. I would recommend this company to anyone facing the bully tactics from the IRS without hesitation.


Talented Team of Dedicated Professionals that Love Their Work

“You guys are phenomenal and went above and beyond for me to make my deadline.

We filed 07-011 today and I cannot express how great feel about my choice to go with ATS, Whoever is hiring you guys has a good eye for great people who are both nice and talented.

I know I made the right choice and feel like I am working with a team of dedicated professionals that really love their work and their clients.

Thanks for convincing me that I didn't need to look any further for help. You were right!!

As you know, I have had a lot of bad luck and I feel like it starting to turn around. Thanks again, and please let me know where I can send my accolades.

Can you let me know who I can address a letter to about Kelley? She is phenomenal and went above and beyond for me to make my deadline.

Janine A.

From “Dread to “Peace

“For the past decade I have lived with a dreaded fear of the situation I found myself in. Being a realist I knew it was of my own doing but was also clueless as what to do about this problem.

After being contacted by the IRS I knew I had to do something or face ruin again. I decided to look into your firm.

WOW was I surprised at how your staff reacted and stayed on top of things. All[i] was was a relief to work with and very professional and at the top of her game and earned my trust.. Something not easily done after a decade of secrecy concerning my financial situation.

All in all your people greatly improved my life and returned me to full nite of sleep . PRICELESS! I would recommend your firm , staff and services to anyone in my situation. Thank You.

Sam P.

Case Studies

Mr. P in Florida

Owed about $58,000, we amended and corrected the returns with the IRS to show that he didn't owe and that he should have received refunds of about $25,000 instead.

Mr. F in Washington

Owed about $30,000, IRS agreed to $9,750 at $433 per month.

Mr. & Mrs. F in Connecticut

Owed about $21,600, IRS agreed to $390 within 5 months.

Mr. B in Illinois

Owed over $328,000, IRS agreed to $1,037 within 5 months.

Mr. & Mrs. F in New York

Owed about $42,000, IRS agreed to $1,522 within 5 months.

Ms. I in Ohio

Business owed over $148,100, IRS agreed to $43,000 and to $450 per month.

Mr. E in Illinois

Business owed about $38,800, IRS agreed to $871 within 5 months.

Mr. R in Arizona

Owed over $11,500, IRS agreed to $1,450 total at $83 per month.

Mr. & Mrs. T in Texas

Owed about $16,000, IRS agreed to $1,140 within 5 months.

Ms. S in Green Bay

Owed over $63,200, IRS agreed to $10,258 over five years. That equals two payments of roughly $2,292 per year. She had to come out-of-pocket with the $2,050 first year, but she would receive her refund in years following which would just about cover the required payment. We are rather proud of this one!

Ms. M in West Virginia

Owed $14,500, IRS agreed to $925 within 5 months.

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