Mr. P in Florida

Owed about $58,000, we amended and corrected the returns with the IRS to show that he didn’t owe and that he should have received refunds of about $25,000 instead.

Ms. I in Ohio

Business owed over $148,100, IRS agreed to $43,000 and to $450 per month.

Mr. R in Arizona

Owed over $11,500, IRS agreed to $1,450 total at $83 per month.

Ms. S in Green Bay

Owed over $63,200, IRS agreed to $10,258 over five years. That equals two payments of roughly $2,292 per year. She had to come out-of-pocket with the $2,050 first year, but she would receive her refund in years following which would just about cover the required payment. We are rather proud of this one!